Tip Duck

THE WORLD'S FIRST RUBBISH-COLLECTING IBIS   https://vimeo.com/545274297   This is Jeremy’s big moment. He finally has an idea that will make him rich. I.B.I.S (International Bin Integration Services) will train birds commonly known as Tip Ducks to keep our world clean and tidy. Enter Ibsen, the world’s first rubbish-collecting ibis. But on launch day everything […]


A broad-ranging program of placements, masterclasses and mentoring designed to boost capacity in the Tasmanian performing arts sector.


Feathers is a lonesome ferret looking for his flock. Feathery-tailed and frustrated, Feathers embarks on a quest for belonging that will take him to every corner of the country. Will the laid-back pink cockatoos welcome him? Or perhaps the charismatic lyrebird is his true kin? Feathers is trailed by Duck, a scrawny, flightless youngster who […]

The Riddle of Washpool Gully

Combining old-fashioned storytelling with contemporary puppetry and miniature sets, The Riddle of Washpool Gully is a reimagined tale of Australian mythology about incredible creatures that might still live in the uncharted corners of our vast country.

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