Kevin O'Loghlin

Kevin O'Loghlin

Finance Manager

Kevin has worked at Terrapin since 2006, as General Manager from 2006 to 2018, and now as Finance Manager. Kevin has over 30 years experience in performing arts administration and management.
After involvement in community theatre in Canberra in the early 1980’s, Kevin travelled to England where he scored a life-changing position in operations of a major regional theatre. On return to Australia he worked in customer services with Melbourne Theatre Company for six years, before joining a theatre venue in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.
After a stint managing the West Gippsland Arts Centre, he was responsible for the general management of the Whitehorse Centre and subsequently the Karralyka Centre, two of the major venues in suburban Melbourne. At each suburban venue Kevin was responsible for the successful establishment of the programming, marketing and presentation of annual seasons of professional touring theatre.
Since joining Terrapin, Kevin has overseen the delivery of over 30 national and international touring productions, international collaborations and the first forays of the significant expansion of the company’s markets; including tours into the USA and China.

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