The different elements used to tell the story combine harmoniously and winningly. An engaging opportunity to see a children’s picture book come to life.  ArtsHub

Kruckemeyer has created a universal, poignant allegory of the refugee plight which resonates with all ages, and Terrapin’s telling of it is inventive and charming. Australian Stage

This illustrated adventure story emerges, under the direction of Sam Routledge, with great charm.  The Age

A magical and beguiling piece of theatre.  ABC Radio National


The script for You and Me and the Space Between was co-commissioned by Terrapin and the Honolulu Theatre for Youth.  The project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Major Festivals Initiative in association with the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals, Ten Days on the Island, Darwin Festival, Brisbane Festival, Melbourne Festival, Sydney Festival and Terrapin.

Part play, part picture book and all wondrous fun, a magical story of an adventurous girl unfolds as an illustrator draws the pictures live in front of our eyes!

“In the ocean stood an island. At its every side was the sea, and the tides found its top and its tail. This land was so small, and this ocean so large, that the people who lived there did not even know that it was an island. They just saw a vast blue, beyond that which they knew, and never even thought of what might be out there.

But one didn’t. On the island, in a house, on a hill, grew a girl. And she knew what she was told: that this island held all that there was. But still she found herself wondering sometimes, about all that there wasn’t – things that weren’t facts, but things that were maybes, and could-bes, and ifs.  Could there be another place, say, where the stars right above her could be seen from the left, but the ones to her right could be looked at straight up?”

When the island of The Proud Circle springs a leak, its citizens must find a solution to stop their home disappearing forever. But it’s going to take all the ingenuity of their youngsters to ensure they don’t lose their way of living in the process.

This funny and heroic story from one of Australia’s finest playwrights for children, Finegan Kruckemeyer, is brought to life through narration, music and live drawings that emerge in large scale on a paper set that has a life of its own. Part picture book, part play and all wonder, this new work will have you and your family engaged at every moment.



2017: March 16-18 Ten Days on the Island, Launceston
2017: March 24-26 Ten Days on the Island, Hobart
2017: May 29-31 Edinburgh International Children’s Festival
2017/18: More international cities.  Watch this space!


2017: Sydney Festival
2016: Darwin Festival
2016: Brisbane Festival
2016: Melbourne Festival


Director: Sam Routledge
Writer: Finegan Kruckemeyer
Designer: Jonathon Oxlade
Composer & Musician: Dean Stevenson
Lighting Designer: Nicholas Higgins
Consultant: Ian Pidd
Production Manager: Andrew MacDonald
Puppeteer: Felicity Horsley

Ten Days on the Island cast includes:
Narrator: Jane Longhurst
Artist: Tom O’Hern

Edinburgh cast includes:
Rosalind Sydney
Tom O’Hern

Darwin cast included:
Narrator: Emily Tomlins
Artist: Badiucao

Brisbane cast included:
Narrator: Margi Brown Ash
Artist: Paul Lalo

Melbourne cast included:
Narrator: Katherine Tonkin
Artist: Oslo Davis

Sydney cast included:
Narrator: Raelee Hill
Artist: Cathy Wilcox

Tasmanian Touring Company included:
Narrator: Jane Longhurst
Artist: Tom O’Hern
Puppeteer/Technician: Theresa O’Connor

Image artist: Tom O’Hern
Peter Mathew