How We Found What We Had Lost

 How We Found What We Had Lost engages with extinction and the decline of humans from the planet through the creation of a world that is very much alive, but has none of us in it. Using hacked kitchen appliances, puppetry and simple robotics, a mysterious automated environment comes to life as we listen to a story about the last person […]

The Riddle of Washpool Gully

Tasmanian schools Tasmanian schools

In Washpool Gully, something is stirring. Far beyond the outskirts of the big city, near a tiny town that nearly everyone forgot, lay a dry creek bed of no special significance. Once upon a time it was called Washpool Gully.But the world had moved on from insignificant things, and no one had time for dry creek […]

Shadow Play

Tasmanian schools Tasmanian schools

Shadow Play with Terrapin   A new creative workshop for Grades 3 and 4 Terrapin’s workshop series opens a world of storytelling potential to teachers and students through the medium of shadow puppetry, a form that can easily be explored further at home or in the classroom. Students will experience a taster of all the […]

Tip Duck

Evandale Village Fair

THE WORLD'S FIRST RUBBISH-COLLECTING IBIS   This is Jeremy’s big moment. He finally has an idea that will make him rich. I.B.I.S (International Bin Integration Services) will train birds commonly known as Tip Ducks to keep our world clean and tidy. Enter Ibsen, the world’s first rubbish-collecting ibis. But on launch day everything […]

Forever Young: Puppetry in Aged Care

Tasmania Tasmania

PUPPETRY IS NOT JUST CHILD'S PLAY. FOREVER YOUNG IS A FULL DAY BOOKING PACKAGE, FACILITATED BY THREE MULTI-SKILLED ARTISTS, ALL OF WHOM HAVE EXTENSIVE PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE IN THE ARTS, AGED CARE AND THERAPEUTIC DELIVERY. It involves two main components: Morning: Individual bedside sessions for progressed dementia or isolated clients, as suggested by staff Afternoon: A large group puppetry performance […]


Ten Days on the Island

TAKING COMPOST TO GREAT HEIGHTS     We all know compost heaps have a life of their own, but not like this one! Inspired by Tasmanians’ love of gardening, Terrapin takes the inner life of compost to great heights – literally – with Heap, a new roving performance featuring an ambitious amateur horticulturalist and a […]

The Paper Escaper

Theatre Royal Theatre Royal, Hobart

What happens when a book character won't stay in their place?   Benny, the plucky puppet protagonist in The Paper Escaper, knows they are destined for greater things than a simple pop-up book. But in a world that’s trying to squash Benny between its pages – from a monstrous chomping sketchpad to a disillusioned illustrator […]

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