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Monster Trucks

29 September 2021 - 2 October 2021

Monster Trucks


30 January 2022


103 Melville Street, Hobart


Terrapin Puppet Theatre

Monsters are coming.

Cement mixers and plant machinery take on a life of their own. Terrapin worked with four Tasmanian artists to create a fleet of Monster Trucks for MONA FOMA 2022: a leering, grinning series of monsters which roamed Launceston and Hobart.

Inspired by Stephen King’s horror short story Trucks – a tale about sentient machinery enslaving humankind – Monster Trucks takes ordinary machinery and gives it independent life and personality. There’s also more than a hint of 1980s-style collectible sticker culture – unsuspecting citizens must keep their eyes peeled for Monster Trucks as they go about their concrete-pouring business.


23 January 2022, Launceston & 30 January 2022, nipaluna/Hobart – MONA FOMA

Created by Sam Routledge

Tasmanian artists: Tom O’Hern, Takira Simon-BrownMolly Turner + Tricky Walsh

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