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Anthem Anthem Revolution

27 August 2021

Anthem Anthem Revolution


17 - 19 February 2023


MONA FOMA, Launceston


Terrapin Puppet Theatre

A new track for a new generation


In Anthem Anthem Revolution, participants battle a table tennis robot to hear a new national song as written by children, an anthem that reflects their hopes and dreams for the country. Inspired by rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, each time a ball is returned, we hear a child’s voice accompanied by a new musical element. As the experience progresses, this builds into a musical track for a new generation.



Birmingham 2022 Festival, UK: Solihull, Birmingham, London

Director: Sam Routledge

Youth Facilitators: Alex Walker, Davina Wright

System Designer and Beats Programming: Dylan Sheridan

Songwriter, Lyrics & Vocals: Denni Proctor

Songwriter, Composer & Conductor: Thomas Rimes

Visual Direction & Set Design: Michelle Boyde

Audiovisual & Graphic Design: Futago

Recording Partner: Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Baritone: Samuel Dundas

Workshop Assistant: Billie Rankin

Youth Participants: Beatrix Bailey, Dottie Charlton, Frieda Cupit Sumner, Neo Cupit Sumner, Ari Fenton, Quinn Sidney Gardner (Quince), Alondra Lisica, Pearl Smithies, Declan Triffitt, Isabella Triffitt, Woolf Wattern Wakelam, Dani Wright

Production Manager: Ryan Mahony

Image: Peter Mathew

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Anthem Anthem Revolution was originally commissioned by the Birmingham 2022 Festival. The project was supported by the UK/Australia Season Patrons, the Australian Government, the British Council and Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund as part of the UK/Australia Season 2021-22 and by Arts Tasmania.

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