Not every Tasmanian child has the same experiences at school, particularly children living in the more remote areas of the state. Your generosity this tax time will help Terrapin continue to tour our world-class performances to primary students around our island.


Give the gift of live theatre


Live theatre allows a child to enter a creative world that is not linked to screens or media. It ignites curiosity, new ideas, new forms of self-expression and teaches children to watch and listen.


“Our students would never see art like this unless we can provide it… and often these experiences are what kids talk about for a long time. A great experience.”

Teacher, 2023 school tour

There are children in Tasmania who can’t afford a school uniform, let alone see a live theatre production.


Research shows that the arts and creative activities can help students develop personal, social, and cognitive skills that transfer to a wide range of academic and social situations and improve performance in their future careers.


Yet as the cost of living rises, our production and touring costs are too. Your generous donation will help support students to see the performance, our team’s on-road touring costs or help us develop valuable classroom resources for teachers.


We can’t imagine a future without our schools touring program – can you? Donating means children do not miss out.


Terrapin has been travelling Tasmania for over 40 years, delivering magical live performances to school children across the state. For many children, this is their first experience with live theatre and opens their minds to other possibilities outside of their everyday lives. Terrapin urgently needs your support by June 30 to ensure that the touring school program continues for generations.

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