An archive dive


Most Tasmanians remember seeing a Terrapin production during their primary school years – do you? 


We’ve been touring Tasmanian schools since 1981, reaching more than 400,000 students in that time. 85% of Tasmanian primary schools have participated in our program! Just last year, we visited:


13,419 students


in 99 schools


5,548 of those kids were in regional or remote Tasmania


that equalled 106 performances!



For many students, this is the first time they’ve experienced live professional theatre.



We dug into our archives recently and found a treasure trove of old show posters and teacher notes from Terrapin tours past. Do you remember any of them?


“Our students would never see art like this unless we can provide it… and often these experiences are what kids talk about for a long time. A great experience.”

Teacher, 2023 school tour
“Terrapin performances build openness to new ideas with students. This is so needed, particularly in remote, rural areas. It’s sometimes a challenging concept.”
Teacher, 2023 school tour


Terrapin has been travelling Tasmania for over 40 years, delivering magical live performances to school children across the state. For many children, this is their first experience with live theatre and opens their minds to other possibilities outside of their everyday lives. But with the increased cost of living, production and touring costs are also on the increase. We can’t imagine a future without our Touring Schools program – can you? Help us ensure that the touring school program continues for generations.

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